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1-channel transmitter Liquiline Compact CM72

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Single-parameter field device for hazardous and non-hazardous applications in all industries
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The Liquiline Compact CM72 is a small transmitter for Memosens sensors. It is the right choice for you if installation space is limited and you don't need the flexibility of a multiparameter device. Together with the sensor, it fits into most assemblies and couldn't be easier to install. The measuring parameter and measuring range are already defined during the ordering process, making the CM72 immediately ready for use with a high degree of safety against operating errors.

  • Преимущества

    • Space-saving installation:
      The two-wire device fits inside an assembly and does not require its own power supply.

    • Fast start-up:
      Thanks to its fixed configuration, the CM72 does not have to be commissioned and can quickly start its work.

    • Benefit from all the advantages of Memosens technology:
      Memosens sensors offer you the safest data transmission, the highest measured value availability and total ease of use.

    • On-site diagnostics:
      The status of the transmitter and the connected sensor are indicated with a red/green LED.

    • Suitable for all locations:
      Whether your measuring point is exposed to dust, vapor, rain, snow, heat or cold, the CM72 will always be exactly the right transmitter for you.

  • Область применения

    Liquiline Compact CM72 can be used in all industries and their utilities and supports all sensors with the blue Memosens plug-in head:

    • pH sensors

    • ORP sensors

    • Conductivity sensors

    • Oxygen sensors

    • Chlorine sensors

    The measurement parameter and range are specified when ordering and can not be changed afterwards.

    The 2-wire device features the following interface:

    • 4...20 mA

    With its international explosion protection approvals, such as IECEx, ATEX, and CSA, CM72 is suitable for hazardous area use.

Характеристики и спецификации

  • Принцип измерения

    Стеклянный электрод

  • Применение

    All sectors, supporting all sensors with the blue Memosens plug-in head, enviromental sector

  • Монтаж

    Connection of digital sensors with Memosens-Protocol

  • Характеристики

    Liquiline CM72 is a fixed configured two-wire transmitter for all areas of process engineering

  • Диапазон измерения

    Oxygen sensors: 0 to 20 mg/l

  • Конструкция

    Peek housing

  • Материал

    Housing, cover: Peek 151
    Strain relief: EPDM
    Axial ring: Peek 450 G

  • Габаритные размеры

    Diameter: 18.95 mm (0.75 inch)
    Length: 114.7 mm (4.52 inch)

  • Подключение

    Connection of digital sensors with Memosens-Protocol

  • Входной сигнал

    One channel transmitter

  • Выходной сигнал

    4 to 20 mA

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