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Prosonic M FMU40/41/42/43/44

Ultrasonic Level Measurement. Compact transmitters for non-contact level measurement of fluids, pastes and coarse bulk materials

Prosonic M FMU40/41/42/43/44
Prosonic M FMU40/41/42/43/44

Технические характеристики


Measured variable

The distance D between the sensor membrane and the product surface is measured.
Using the linearisation function, the device uses D to calculate:
• level L in any units
• volume V in any units
• flow Q across measuring weirs or open channels in any units

Measuring range

The measuring range is limited by the range of a sensor. The sensor range is, in turn, dependent on the
operating conditions. To estimate the actual range, proceed as follows (see also the calculation example in the
1. Determine which of the influences shown in the following table are appropriate for your process.
2. Add the corresponding attenuation values.
3. From the total attenuation, use the diagram to calculate the range.


Output signal

according to the instrument version ordered:
• 4…20 mA with HART protocol
• Foundation Fieldbus (FF)

Signal on alarm

Error information can be accessed via the following interfaces:
• On-site display (error symbol, error code and plain text description)
• Current output (error current configurable)
• Digital interface


Minimum load for HART communication: 250 Ω

Output damping

Freely selectable, 0 ... 255 s


The linearisation function of the Prosonic M allows conversion of the measured value into any unit of length
or volume. In open channels or measuring weirs, also a flow linearistion is possible (calculation of the flow from
the measured level). The linearisation table for calculating the volume in an horizontal cylindrical tank is
preprogrammed. You can also enter any number of other tables containing up to 32 value pairs either manually
or semi-automatically (by filling the vessel under controlled conditions).
The supplied ToF Tool operating program can automatically calculate the table for any tank, weir or flume and
upload it into the device.
Flow curves for open channels can be calculated and entered into the instrument by the ToT Tool as well.

Performance characteristics

Reaction time

The reaction time depends on the parameter settings. The minimum values are:
• 2-wire devices (FMU40/41/42): min. 2 s
• 2-wire diveces (FMU43 - PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus): min. 2 s
• 2-wire devices (FMU44): min. 3 s
• 4-wire devices (FMU40/41/42/43/44): 0.5 s

Reference operating

• Temperature = +20 °C
• Pressure = 1013 mbar abs.
• Humidity = 50 %
• Ideal reflective surface (e.g. calm, smooth fluid surface)
• No interference reflections within signal beam
• Set application parameters:
– Tank shape = flat ceiling
– Medium property = liquid
– process conditions = calm surface

Pulse frequency

• 2-wire devices (FMU40/41/42): max. 0.5Hz
• 2-wire devices (FMU43 - PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus): max. 0.5 Hz
• 2-wire devices (FMU44): max. 0.3 Hz
• 4-wire devices (FMU40/41/42/43/44): max. 2Hz
The exact values are dependent on the type of device and the parameter settings.

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature

-40 °C ... +80 °C
The functionality of the LC display becomes restricted at Tu<-20 °C and Tu>+60 °C.
If the device is operated outdoors in strong sunlight, you should use a protective cover.

Storage temperature

-40 °C ... +80 °C

Resistance to alternating
temperature cycles

to DIN EN 60068-2-14; Nb test : +80°C/-40°C, 1K/min, 100cycles

Climate class

DIN EN 60068-2-38 (Test Z/AD) DIN/IEC 68 T2-30Db

Vibration resistance

• Interference emission to EN 61326, Equipment Class B
• Interference immunity to EN 61326, Appendix A (Industrial) and NAMUR Recommendation NE 21 (EMC).
• A standard installation cable is sufficient if only the analogue signal is used. Use a screened cable when
working with a superimposed communication signal (HART).

Область применения

Continuous, non-contact level measurement in fluids, pastes, sullages and coarse bulk materials

Flow measurement in open channels and measuring weirs

System integration via:

  • HART (standard), 4...20mA
  • Foundation Fieldbus

Maximum measuring range:

  • FMU 40: 5 m in fluids / 2 m in bulk materials
  • FMU 41: 8 m in fluids / 3,5 m in bulk materials
  • FMU 42: 10 m in fluids / 5 m in bulk materials
  • FMU 43: 15 m in fluids / 7 m in bulk materials
  • FMU44: 20 m in fluids / 10 m in bulk materials

Официальный сайт производителя: http://www.endress.com/en